About us

NeuroClinics Australia have drawn upon 25 years of clinical experience and combined this knowledge with TMS to create a raft of treatment options.

Along with addressing the symptoms of clinical depression, we have produced innovative therapy regimes to remedy the effects and causes of anxiety and addiction. In doing so our new approach will improve focus, motivation, and overall psychological wellbeing. This non-invasive magnetic stimulation in conjunction with well-established cognitive behavioural analysis has proven to be most effective in producing positive outcomes, thereby increasing psychological welfare.


Trystan Warren BSc(Hons) MSc

Having spent the past 25 years in clinical practice treating clients with a multitude of psychological pathologies, I find myself in the specialized, and underdeveloped field of TMS. Magnetic stimulation offers a range of treatment opportunities to address depression, anxiety disorders, and addictive behaviours, along with increasing cognitive focus and psychological wellbeing.